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Improved circulation would surely benefit our health. Because magnetic products increase blood flow, they allow the body’s own processes to be accelerated, as increased concentrations of oxygen and other vital nutrients are delivered to the cells.

Every illness is a sign that the cells have been deprived of energy, oxygen, and nutrition or that there is a buildup of Toxins. When this occurs, the cell’s defense mechanism is weakened. Magnetic Therapy removes these blockages that get in the way of normal, natural , and helps your body to heal itself.

One of the most ardent advocates of magnetic therapy is Dr. William Philpott of Oklahoma, who publishes his own Magnetic Jewelry Quarterly. He is also on the board of the Bio-Electro-Magnetics Institute of Reno, Nevada, a nonprofit “research and educational organization” and an advisor to the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine. Dr. Ronald Lawrence has successfully used magnets to relieve pain in hundreds of his patients.

The broadest explanation was presented by Dr. Kyochi Nakagawa of Japan, who claims that many of our modern ills result from “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.” The earth’s magnetic field is known to have decreased about 6 percent since 1830, and indirect evidence suggests that it may have decreased as much as 30 percent over the last millennium. He argues that magnetic therapy simply provides some of the magnetic field that the earth has lost.

Wearing your MagneMax Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Necklace and Bracelet (Bracelet and Necklace) increases the Blood Flow consequently, delivers a faster rate of Oxygen to the organs and tissues. As a result of this, inflammation in the body is reduced particularly around injuries. Excess fluid retained in the tissues is removed along with toxins, which are stored there. MagneMax stimulates blood circulation and increases blood flow through the heart while Effectively Distributing 'Iron-Rich' Oxygenated Blood throughout the entire System.

Beginning Affects:
1) The whites of the eyes will go as white as porcelain. The natural color of the eyes will brighten.
2) The eyes open wide, the face tightens filling in the wrinkles and the bags under the eyes are reduced
3) During the first 3 hours of wearing the magnets you will feel a little tired as your body begins to change and oxygenate. Once this process has been fulfilled you become energized with a great feeling of calmness.
4) You will feel the blood flow a little more intense with tingling sensations transferring to different parts of your body.
5) Blood flow becomes more smooth and certain veins reduce in size which bRing down swelling.
6) Once the swelling is reduced the process begins which usually takes about a day to a day and a half you just have to stick with it and keep an open mind.

The Miracle of MagneMax Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Necklace and Bracelet Increases Charged (Iron Rich) Oxygenated Blood Flow throughout Every Part of your Body.

Magnetized 'Iron Rich' Blood Cells align themselves as would magnetically charged balls combined with a Bonded Oxygen Molecule, consequently and thus Effectively Distributing Oxygen Rich Blood throughout the Entire Body and Enriching the Entire Organic System. Whereby Providing Oxygen and Blood Flow is the Primary Key to Maintaining Health and Vitality.

Using MagneMax Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Necklace and Bracelet realigns the body's natural Energy returning it to its normal Healthy state. MagneMax also dramatically increases blood flow and circulation while Distributing Oxygenated Blood Cells throughout the Entire System. MagneMax helps to speed up the process and alleviate pain. Our bodies contain a magnetic charge that when Balanced, is essential for Maintaining Physical and Emotional Health.

Most people will have a noticeable difference within 2 weeks however, do not expect instant results. Results from wearing MagneMax can take up to 4 weeks to have an effect. Each person will react to magnets at a different rate. Some may feel the benefits within 48 hours and some within 2 weeks. The effects may be gradual at first and slowly increase over a number of days. Ordinary magnets is usually worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the initial period. Once good effect is felt and your pain has gone you may remove your MagneMax. If the pain returns then you should put MagneMax back on until the pain has again subsided.

Please note MagneMax cannot cure ailments however, it is used to treat the symptoms of many ailments. It cannot repair degenerative joints or cure arthritis however, it does effectively alleviate pain.


There are no side effects to wearing MagneMax. You cannot overdose on magnetism. It is 100% safe, it has no drugs and is non invasive. You can wear as many magnets as you like for as long as you like.

You should never use MagneMax if you have an internal heart pacemaker, as the magnets will interfere with the signals to the heart. You should not wear MagneMax if you use an internal insulin pump. As the pump will not function properly. You should not use MagneMax when you are pregnant.

Wearing MagneMax combined with drinking Ionized water (aka AquaSmarter) makes a Perfect Combination and is the most natural way to Maintain Good Health. All water is magnetized at source as it comes from the earth's core. The earth's core is a huge magnet and when the water flows through it, it becomes magnetically charged. If you think about spring or spa water that comes straight out of the ground, this is Naturally Pure Untreated Water . For many years, people have Benefited from Natural Spring Water and for its Natural Properties.

This is because it is magnetized and drinking magnetized mineral water offers a lot of benefits. Of course 1000's of years ago people didn’t know this. They just knew they felt better when they drank it. The water that we drink from the tap no longer contains any magnetism as it has been destroyed in the purification process. So when we magnetize water we are only returning it to its natural state. It has no side effects as its not a drug. Its completely natural. It doesn’t matter what or how many tablets you take a day, it will not interfere with any of them.

MagneMax have absolutely no side effects. They will increase your circulation, reduce the amount of work your heart has to do and make your heart beat more efficiently.

Yes you can. MagneMax have absolutely no side effects as they are not a drug; they are completely natural, so they will not interfere with any drug whatsoever.

Yes it is quite safe to have both treatments at the same time, as they are different types of treatment. The osteopath will manipulate your body and do remedial massage, which is good for muscle spasm. Magnets will increase circulation eliminating inflammation, release endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, and encourage of soft tissue, and nerve damage. Therefore it is good to have the two treatments together, although usually most people will give up going to the osteopath after using magnets for a few weeks as their pain starts to reduce.

Your consultant may not be able to advise you about magnetic therapy as this is not his primary field of practice. He/She will only know about conventional medicine, but shouldn’t mind you using magnets as it won’t interfere with any treatment he/she will give you.

Quite often he/she will say that there is nothing else he/she can do for your condition other than give you painkillers, and this is true. MagneMax works in different ways to conventional medicine. They are not a cure but they treat the condition by increasing circulation to the damaged area, eliminating inflammation, releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, and encouraging of soft tissue, and nerve damage.


Yes you can. But not at the same time. If you want to use a tens machine and are using MagneMax just take your MagneMax off whilst using the tens machine, and put them back on afterwards.


Yes you can. They will not interfere with each other. It is completely safe to have the two together.

There is no such thing as wearing too many magnets as you cannot overdose on magnetism. The more magnets you can wear the better, especially if you have all over body pain. Some people use a mattress cover in their bed and wear a, bracelets, knee strap, back belt and drink magnetized water during the day. This is perfectly safe as it retains the level of magnetism in your body. It is very important to wear magnets 24-7 otherwise it would take twice as long to take away the pain, if you only used it for half a day.

Yes you can. Although you should put them in your hand luggage.

Gauss Power is the unit in which the strength of a magnet is measured. The higher the Gauss Power the stronger the magnet. For an example a normal 'strong' fridge magnet produces approximately 150 Gauss Power or 0.015 uT 'Tesla' (1-Gauss Magnetic Jewelry is Equivalent of 100 uT 'micro-Tesla'). A magnet should have a minimum of 800 Gauss Power (0.08 uT 'Tesla').

Many magnetic products available for sale do not have the minimum required Gauss Power for purposes. Before purchasing a magnetic therapy product always ask for the strength of the product if the Gauss Power of each individual magnet is less that 800 Gauss Power then do not buy the product as it does not have the power to penetrate through the skin into the body.

We only use Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Magnetic Iron Magnets in our products. The Total Gauss Power of each of our products is listed on this website, in our brochures and Instruction Booklets.

All the strength stated are 'SGPR' Surface Gauss Power Rating, not manufacturer's or Core Gauss Power. A Surface Gauss Power of 6000 will usually equate to a Core Gauss Power of 28,000.

All of our packaging contains full information about the strength of our products.


There are many different types of magnet available on the market. Not all types of magnet are suitable for purposes. See the list below for the different magnet types and their uses:

1. Ferrite magnets: man made from hard wearing metal these are mainly used for industrial purposes, but they can be found in products. They are not always an adequate Gauss Power for purposes, between 800-1000 Gauss Power and they do not conduct the magnetic field as well as Neodymium magnets.

2. Ceramic magnets: man made from a clay base these magnets are mainly used in industry and for domestic purposes such as fridge magnets. These magnets should not be used for purposes, as they do not conduct well between the skin and the magnet surface. They are generally not very strong between 500-800 Gauss Power and are not hard wearing with a limited life span.

3. Neodymium magnets: made from a metal found in the earth’s core these magnets are known as rare earth magnets. They are the most widely used for purposes and are also called magnets for this reason. They are hard wearing, high strength and have a life span of 10 years. They are the best magnets for use and provide the best conductive field. They are usually high strength around 1200-5000+ Gauss Power. Neodymium magnets are high-grade magnets and are used by NASA for the purpose of maintaining muscle tone in astronauts during space flight.

4. Flexible magnets: made from a flexible metal/rubber mix these are mainly used in industry but can also be found in products. They can be high strength but generally not as strong as neodymium. They do not have a long life, as they are prone to more wear and tear than metallic magnets.

MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Complete SET provides apx. 450,000 Gauss Energy. ValTech Innovative Technologies uses only the purest High-grade Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Magnetic Material. All of our Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Magnets have a life span of 10 years. Before purchasing a magnetic product always check which type of magnet you are buying if you cannot find out what type it is beware! As the magnets may well be industrial purpose magnets and not magnets. If in doubt don't buy. A reputable supplier will always list which type of magnet they use.


There are literally hundreds of magnetic therapy suppliers around today. Many people have noticed how magnet therapy is growing in popularity especially as many celebrities jump on the bandwagon. As a result it is quite common to go to a local market or shopping center and find a magnet therapy stall selling cheap Magnetic Jewelry . These stall venders often sell their products at very low prices. How can these stall vendors sell their products so cheaply? Is it because they have low overheads as they would like you to believe? It is because the products that they are selling are sub-standard. They are usually low gauss ferrite or Ceramic magnets that produce from less than 30-gauss to 500-gauss per each magnet. The jewelry may not be made with a copper base, which is sold for purposes and they may have gold or silver 'color' plating on them. Many people will have a reaction to metals which are not either or silver-plating.

Learn more about the Beneficial Health Effects from wearing 'Negative North' (-N) Polarity Magnetic Jewelry as compared to many Adverse Health Conditions from wearing 'Positive South' (+S) Magnetic Polarity Magnetic Jewelry before developing Health Problems associated with wearing 'Chinese Made' Magnets.

We received the following eMail after asking a Chinese Magnet Producer regarding this information. Their reply: "Dear Sirs, We specialized in magnets, but sorry that, about the healthy effect of North Pole Magnets, we can't say something, maybe you should ask some specialists."

There is a considerable amount of information regarding the Harmful Effects from 'Positive' Magnetic Field Energy Magnets and many unsuspecting buyers may find themselves becoming Ill or even worse when they purchase products 'Made in China' (aka: PRC 'Peoples Republic of China). There are many Hazardous and 'Poisonous' Products that are currently being Produced and Shipped from China and it is our responsibility to know that the Export of Many Products produced in China are Harmful to (other) People.

Made in China: Dog Food and Poison Laced Milk as well as Counterfeit 'Exploding Cell Phone Batteries'.

1. 'Poisons' found in Chinese Made Dog Food.
2. Children's Toys containing 'Poisonous' Chemicals. Laced Milk Shipped from China.
3. 'Poisons' found in Milk Shipped from China.
4. Counterfeit 'Exploding' Cell Phone Batteries Shipped from China.

NORTH POLE ( - ) Negative Magnetic Jewelry Field:

Increases cellular oxygen 
Pulls fluids & gases
Reduces fluid retention
Encourages deep restorative sleep
Fights infection
Promotes mental acuity
supports biological
Reduces inflammation
Normalizes acid base balance
Relieves/stops pain
Reduces/dissolves fatty deposits
Reduces dissolves calcium deposits

SOUTH POLE ( + ) Positive Magnetic Jewelry Field:

Decreases cellular oxygen 
Pushes fluids & gases
Increases intracellular edema
Stimulates wakefulness
Accelerates micro-organism growth
Inhibits biological
Can increase inflammation
pH level becomes more acidic
Increases pain
Encourages fat depositing

Clinical Observations of Dr. William Philpott

For those who Enjoy 'learning' about Magnets and Magnetic Jewelry will find the following both Interesting and Informative...

Charging MagneMax with a 'Radial' aka Linear (End to End) N-S Pattern as opposed to a 'Azimuthal' Perpendicular (Sideways) E-W Pattern, produces a Directed Energy Flow rather than an Expanded (widened) Energy Pattern as seen by another types of 'Button' or Drum Magnets.  And so, the More Direct the Concentration of Energy Flow, the Stronger the Flow of Energy.


There are essentially 10-different types of Magnets (Magnetic Jewelry )

1). Schematic Quadrupole Magnet ("four-pole") magnetic field. There are four steel pole tips, two opposing magnetic north poles and two opposing magnetic south poles.

2). An Azimuthal magnetic field is one that runs Sideways 'east-west'.

3). A Meridional magnetic field is one that runs north-south. In the solar dynamo model of the Sun, differential rotation of the solar plasma causes the meridional magnetic field to stretch into an azimuthal magnetic field, a process called the omega-effect. The reverse process is called the alpha-effect.[35]

4). A Dipole (twin) magnetic field is one seen around a bar magnet or around a charged elementary particle with nonzero spin.

5). A Quadrupole magnetic field is one seen, for example, between the poles of four bar magnets. The field strength grows linearly with the radial distance from its longitudinal axis.

6). A Solenoidal magnetic field is similar to a dipole magnetic field, except that a solid bar magnet is replaced by a hollow electromagnetic coil magnet.

7). A Toroidal magnetic field occurs in a doughnut-shaped coil, the electric current spiraling around the tube-like surface, and is found, for example, in a tokamak (Circular Magnet).

8). A Poloidal magnetic field is generated by a current flowing in a Necklace and Bracelet and is found, for example, in a tokamak.

9). A Radial MagneMax (-N) Magnetic Jewelry field is directed from the center of the field, outwards.

10). A Helical magnetic field is corkscrew-shaped, and sometimes seen in space plasmas such as the Orion Molecular Cloud.

Why Magnets may Repel Mosquitoes and other Predatory Insects Thesis 'Theory in Practice'
by Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

Mosquitoes are literally wired for hunting. These predators are equipped with a special sense known as Electroreception which allows them to home in on their prey with precise accuracy. Other members of the Mosquito family also share this trait but the Common Mosquitoes Electroreception (Electroreceptive animals use this sense to locate objects around them) are the extremely finely tuned. Electroreception is used in electrolocation (detecting objects) and for electrocommunication.

Electroreception simply means the ability to detect Electrical or Magnetic currents. What does electricity have to do with Mosquitoes? Any muscular movement or twitches in living animals create a small electrical current. At hospitals, electrocardiogram machines track the electricity resulting from our heart beat. Bees for example, collect a positive static charge while flying through the air (see Atmospheric electricity). When a bee visits a flower, the charge deposited on the flower takes a while to leak away into the ground. Bees can detect both the presence and the pattern of electric fields on flowers, and use this information to know if a flower has been recently visited by another bee and is therefore likely to have a reduced concentration of pollen. The mechanism of electric field reception in animals living in the air like bees is based on mechano- reception, not electroreception. Bees receive the electric field changes via the Johnston's organs in their antennae and possibly other mechano-receptors. They distinguish different temporal patterns and learn them. During the waggle dance, Honeybees appear to use the electric field emanating from the dancing bee for distance communication.

The presence of the magnet elicited a distinct reaction from Mosquitoes -- they dart away from it. To determine the strength of this repugnant force, we examined the results with several other people who were 'covered' with Mosquitoes from Head to Toe.  It appears that the only person in our experimental group that was not being 'Eaten Alive' was Michael Saxon (Field Researcher) who was the only person wearing magnets around his neck and wrist. This is a condition commonly known as 'Tonic Immobility' or a Temporary Paralysis that naturally occurs when Mosquitoes are disrupted before they bite. Sure enough, the magnets repelled the Mosquitoes with surprising results.

Why the intense reaction? The apparent interaction between Atmospheric Static Electricity and Magnetically Charged Magnemax 'Earths-Core' Magnets produces a weak but notable electromagnetic field.

When a Mosquito comes close to that field, it seems to disrupt the Mosquitoes Sixth-Sense aka Electroreception. Many species of Mosquitoes have sensory receptors that detect minute changes of electricity in the air. These electrical impulses originate and are carried through Atmospheric Ions.

Open air does not conduct this electricity away from our bodies, but for Mosquitoes it does. Ions are particles that have an electrical charge because they have lost or gained an electron. Static Electricity is easily transported by Humidity. You can compare this to how batteries work. It's set up like an electrochemical cell that separates negative from positively charged ions. When connected by a wire, those opposite charges attract, meaning the positive and negative particles flow toward each other to pick up or drop off electrons to become stable again.

A similar thing happens in the interaction of living cells. Because Mosquitoes carry a charge different from other insects, the contact creates a weak voltage in the same way as a common household battery. Mosquitoes can sense even the tiniest changes in this electrical current, down to one-billionth of a volt. Compare this with two AA batteries that are connected to each other and extended 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) apart. A Mosquito could effectively detect if any of these batteries were to expire.

How can Mosquitoes do that? Mosquitoes bodies regulate this unique internal homing device. The lateral line and electroreception along with Mosquitoes senses, make them incredibly keen hunters. Since twothirds of a Mosquitoes brain is devoted to sensing heat, its senses can ignite Mosquitoes instinct towards its next meal even in total darkness. It's only when the Mosquito gets about 3 feet (1 meter) away from its target that electroreception kicks in to orient its senses for an accurate attack. During the last few feet before they attack, electroreception takes over their instinctive navigation towards its target.

In experiments testing Mosquitoes electroreception skills, we have confirmed that the Mosquito will indeed make its final feeding decision based on electrical and instinctive impulses. The power of electroreception also explains why Mosquitoes will continue attacking victims even while being rescued by another person or animal. Instead of going for the fresh meat of the rescuer, Mosquitoes will be repeatedly drawn to their previous victims because of the increase of 'heat' that is released from secreting blood. The higher the degree of temperature, the greater the intensity of this electrical field around the victim.

Since Mosquitoes can track electrical and heat changes so well, we are also investigating whether electroreception plays a role in their navigation skills. Some theorize that the Earth's magnetic field may interact with Ionization or Atmospheric Static Electricity in order to form an electrical current that Mosquitoes may follow during its migration.

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