MagneMax Series-7 Professional Strength Bracelets & Necklaces
Experience the Energy, Look Younger, Feel Better, Think Smarter.

Not all magnetic bracelets are created equal. MagneMax Series-7 'Professional Strength' Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Magnetic Jewelry (Bracelets and Necklaces) are Easy to Adjust, Easily Expandable and Very Comfortable. MagneMax Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy "MAINTENANCE" Bracelets and "CHARGING" Necklaces provide the correct amount of Magnetic Strength whereas other 'low-Gauss' (Placebo) Magnetic Jewelry cannot. Using the correct Magnetic strength is absolutely imperative in obtaining desired results.

The Most POWERFUL Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy on the Planet.

Alleviate chronic pain, backache, wrist pain, knee pain, leg pain, elbow pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, headaches, blood circulation, hip pain, heel pain, depression, sports injuries, bronchitis, insomnia, tendonitis, pinched nerve, sciatica, rheumatism, bed sores, low energy, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis and vascular disease. Additionally MagneMax allegedly heals asthma, fibromyalgia, infections, ruptured disks, tennis elbow, chronic back pain and shoulder pain and MORE

Gauss Power is the unit in which the strength of a single magnet is measured. The higher the Gauss Power the stronger the magnet. For an example a normal fairly Strong Refrigerator Magnet produces approximately 150 Gauss Power (.015 uT 'Tesla'). Magnetic Jewelry should have a minimum of 800 Gauss Power (.08 uT 'Tesla'). Many magnetic products available for sale do not have the minimum required Gauss Power for purposes. Before purchasing a magnetic therapy product always ask for the strength of the product if the Gauss Power of each individual magnet is less than 800 Gauss Power then do not buy the product as it does not have the power to penetrate through the skin and into the body.


ELECTROMAGNETIC TREATMENT: Exposure to EMF Radiation Deforms Healthy Blood Cells (Click HERE).  EMF Live Blood Analysis Observable Effects from RF/MW Radiation Exposure produced by Any Form of an Electromagnetic-Field such as Cell Phones, Computers, Smart Meters, Wireless WiFi, Cell Phone Towers, High Voltage Power Lines and other Sources of Electromagnetic Equipment has Proven to Cause Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, Cancer, Leukemia and other Serious Illnesses.


CHINESE MADE OR NIKKEN 'BUTTON-MAGNETS' Bracelet or Necklace : Require a Minimum of 800-Gauss Energy per 'each' Magnet (contact location) is Required to effectively Penetrate the Surface of the Skin. A typical CHINESE or Nikken Magnetic Bracelets that contain 25 tiny 30-gauss 'Button' Magnets does Not Provide enough Energy to Penetrate beyond the Surface of the Skin and can Only Produce a Temporary 'Placebo' Effect.

Google: "If the Gauss Power of each individual magnet is less than 800 Gauss Power, do not buy the product as it does not have the Power to Penetrate through the skin and into the body."


MagneMax Series-7 'Professional Strength'

MagneMax Series-7 'Professional Strength' Feeling Good Energy '' Energy' Necklace and Bracelet are made with Durable Protective Patina whereby achieving 99.9% Pure Strength from a Highly Complex Smelting (Purification) Process, providing a Deeper, Stronger, Natural Magnetic Penetration Producing Greater, More Beneficial and Long Lasting Results as Compared to Any Leading Competitor.

We have been Researching the use of Energy Magnets over the past 7-years and have concluded that Magnetic Strength is absolutely imperative in order to Penetrate into the Deep Muscular Structure in order to obtain desired results. Our research has clearly shown that when using Feeling Good Energy '' Energy Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" Energy Magnets will both 'Attract and Charge' Blood, a red, 'Iron-Rich' protein and consequently binds an Oxygen Molecule (O2) to the Red Blood Cell (Blood) and effectively distributes 'Oxygen' throughout the entire body. This shows Indisputable Proof whereby using of our Earth-Core "I Feel GREAT" MagneMax Energy Necklace and Bracelet is clearly why our Customers are experiencing Undeniable Results.

What MagneMax users are saying?

Relief from Alzheimer

I placed the MagneMax Necklace on my mother's head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. Her character also changed. She actually became Adorable and even told me that she Loved the lamp I had made for her. I'm bringing Crazy-Glue with me tomorrow to Glue this MagneMax Necklace to her Neck in so she'll ‘Never’ take it off again. Thank you for this absolutely Amazing product.

Thomas Corella
Improved Memory and Concentration

Since wearing your new MagneMax, I have been feeling immensely Great! It's absolutely incredible! I don’t feel tired during the day and my concentration has improved tenfold... I have had problems with concentrating for a long period of time and after beginning to wear these just yesterday, I have worked tirelessly for hours and with greater concentration! I am amazed how the effects have been absolutely remarkable and immediate.

Michael - Law Student
Increased Energy

I love this thing. Your MagneMax necklace is great. Looks Great, makes me Feel GREAT, fun topic to talk to people about, splitting it in two with my wife, daughter of friend and share my bracelets. I've noticed that my energy has definitely increased since wearing my necklace.

Chris - World Champion Motocross
We wear them all the time

Paul is totally sold on them. I think I am seeing some positive results in my left foot and toe curling and definitely sleeping better. Paul feels like he gets less tired during the day like he used to. We wear them all the time.

Paul and Donna
Dissolved hematoma in my left leg

Thanks to MagneMax this is my 3rd Pain Free Year. When we first met I was suffering from a Hematoma in my left leg. When I first put on the necklace, it had sent a sharp pain directly to my left leg so sharp and scary that I immediately took them off. Then I realized that the Magnetic Jewelry had actually focused on the area where my hematoma was located. My Doctor had told me that if that if the hematoma had not dissolved, I would need immediate surgery.

Dominic D'Arcy
Relief from Chronic Pain

The main thing I have noticed so far is that your magnets have healed my shoulder 100%. I can now serve in tennis and throw a ball again with zero pain. I will probably order another set very soon for my ankles. Thank you.

Leg Injury

It was very fast to recover from my accident. I am 65 and a 250 pound auto mechanic which I had fallen down my pit stairway and injured my ankle very badly. My doctor told me that it will take up to 8 weeks for my ankle to heal and was asked to come back every week, which I have not done. Every day I use your magnets at bedtime and has helped me to in so many ways, no cramps or early morning stiff ankle and foot joints, and of course in the recovery of my ankle. The bottom line here is that I never felt so good in many years. Once again thank you so much.

Effective results

It's been several months now wearing MagneMax and have pretty much confirmed that they do have a direct effect on hair color. After 7 weeks without wearing them, my hair went back to white again. After just 4 weeks of resuming wearing these magnets my hair is growing in darker than ever before. I couldn't confirm this before now because of too many other possibilities. After eliminating the other variables, I can say without question that your magnets do provide effective results.

Michael Saxon
Change my Life completely

I'm happy with MagneMax! Sitting Working and at the end of the day without any back problem. Change my Life completely. Estoy feliz con MagneMax! Trabajo sentada y al final del dia sin ningún problema de espalda. Cambio mi salud por completo.

Karolina Valverde - Pain 2nd Year
Awesome Gift

I work in front the computer all the time and for the past 3 years and my wrist and neck was always in constant pain and sometimes with a burning sensation, but now after using your magnets it is all GONE! I cannot believe it or even I couldn't imagine that these small magnets in my bracelet could heal my pain so fast. It is really amazing. Thanks for this awesome gift.

Carlos Dantas
Pain caused by osteoarthritis

This is something extraordinary! My mom sat every day mourning from the pain caused by osteoarthritis and you could clearly see how this was deforming the bones. On Monday I put the magnets and ... goodbye pains!! Since she's been wearing MagneMax for the past 2-weeks, my mother sometimes forgets that she had suffered from this pain since 20-years ago. My Uncle Tony could not sleep because of the cold feet causing him excruciating pain. I formed a bracelet to wear on each leg and the pains were immediately removed.

Zelmira regarding her Mother at 84